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Minto Pyramid

Keep other’s attention razor-focused by giving key information first.

Ever been in a meeting and watched your team’s eyes glaze over as their brains melt with information overload? There’s a lot to be said getting to the good stuff quickly. 

By offering up the key recommendation or conclusion first you can then support this with key information (the why) and then the details of how you came to this decision. 

The Minto Pyramid approach allows others to choose the volume of information they consume and works especially effectively when writing emails or reports. 

When is the best time to use this tool?

  • Writing reports
  • In a consultancy environment
  • Education and training materials 

How to use:

  • Ask yourself ‘What’s the point?’. Then answer it concisely.
  • Follow this up with the key ideas that support the point you’re making.
  • If you need to, follow this up with more information on subpoints.
  • Add in examples of data or evidence that support your point. Your audience may not tune into this part but it’s there should they need to refer back.

Key Takeaway

Lead communication with clarity, going in strong with the most important piece of information and then following up with the supporting data. Pow!


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